Joint Workshops at IEEE AIKE 2018

In the following the current list of accepted workshops to be held jointly with AIKE. To propose a new workshop, please refer to the Call for Workshops page.

First International Workshop on Artificial Intelligence for 3D Bigdata Processing (AI3D 2018)

This workshop focuses on the use of Artificial Intelligence and deep learning to improve the processing, management and analysis of 3D Bigdata and its use in the 3D mapping.

First International Workshop on AI Bigdata Cloud Technologies (ABC 2018)

This workshop will practically show how AI, bigdata and cloud technologies can be combined together to provide useful knowledge and insights for better decision making in various areas.

Seventh International Workshop on Intelligent Data Processing (IDP 2018)

Artificial intelligence and intelligent systems offer efficient mechanisms that can significantly reduce the costs of processing large volume data and improve data processing quality. Participants are invited to submit papers in all areas of data- and knowledge-based approaches, particularly in the areas of Big Data and Online Social Networks.